Film Synopsis:

Chaz, a tattooed, pierced San Franciscan hipster, is convinced he’s overweight.  The latest evidence?  He caught his date feeling out his “fat waist.”  Yes, despite his lanky frame and low body weight, Chaz is afflicted with the most difficult condition to treat:  he’s soft in the middle.  He’s Skinnyfat.

The traumatic event sets him on a plan to lose weight until he has hipbones “sharp enough to trim hedges!”  Joined by his flighty friend Davy (played by Evan Johnson), Chaz stumbles through gym workouts, crash dieting, tweaker yoga, force vomiting, and even a trip to the plastic surgeon!  Along the way, he learns that physical ideals can change with the next pop culture trend, and even the revered six pack may not be enough to secure the most important love of all—his own.

With razor sharp humor, writer-director Andy Bydalek creates a hilarious portrait of image-obsessed gay culture and shows what can happen when body-consciousness becomes-body fixation.

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