“The Hello Show!” is an interactive comedy showcase created by Evan Johnson and Jamie Van Camp (The IT Speaks Project) and hosted by  Sarah Peters. The group performed “The Hello Show!” on a Summer-long tour of unique small town venue’s in Northern California.

From the press release:

“Meet the members of a fictional town called Strawberry! 2 actors play 18 characters in an original traveling talent show. It’s a fast paced evening full of small town charm and absurdity as members of Strawberry take to the stage to say “hello!” and put on their show. Each performance is made unique by the venue and the specific audience members in attendance. ‘The Hello Show’ was created in the summer of 2007, and won much acclaim from audiences for its fresh improvisational format and the endearing characters introduced to the evening’s crowd. The show utilizes live music, original dance routines, masks and acrobatics.”

In devising the show Evan and Jamie created no less than 24 original characters before editing the show for time, and keeping their 18 favorites.  Sarah Peter’s involvement was an essential way of connecting the moments onstage while working within the milieu of the piece. Her performance as Janice, the local Stawberry librarian, was heartwarming and sweet, she truly grounded the event, while Evan and Jamie were behind a measly 6 ft. screen frantically dealing with rapid-fire quick changes or locating essential props.


“The Hello Show!” began as a one-time event in Placerville, CA (Evan and Jamie’s hometown) aptly named “Hello, Placerville!”(’07) before growing up in it’s second incarnation (’08) when the material was tooled for each town a little differently, providing each new audience group a unique experience.

The inspiration for “The Hello Show!” came when Evan and Jamie started talking about Open Mic Nights and small town performance offerings, how ordinary people taking to the stage  find ways to overcome their shyness and perform for their communities, tell jokes or play music, sometimes stutter or forget their act entirely.. Everything about these early conversations was infinitely fascinating and led to some rich character investigation.

Here’s a link to an article in The Santa Cruz Sentinel





“The Hello Show!” is still just a wig and some glasses away from performing in your neck of the, contact Evan if you’d like to have those crazy folks from Strawberry come for a visit!