Director – Nathaniel Justiniano

Assistant Director & Stage Manager – Alan Kline

Outside Eye – Megan Finlay

Performers – Adriana Chavez, Jorge De Hoyos Jr., Evan Johnson, Faeble Kievman


What: SHAME! Naked Empire Bouffon Company’s original Queer performance sucking the piss out of San Francisco’s pride.  Grotesque, prophetic and charmingly offensive, this band of bouffons lambastes the hypocrisies, hierarchies and happiness of our Queer community.

When: August 20-22 & 27-29, 2009, 8pm

Where: Mama Calizo’s Voice Factory – 1519 Mission St (11th), San Francisco 94103

Created in the Summer of 2009 with Naked Empire Bouffon Company.


SHAME! Reviews

“By far the most socially responsible piece of work I have seen in ages….i am speechless at the truth and honesty and absurdity of this work…if you are anywhere within a 500 mile radius of the bay area (and especially if you are any variety of queer) it would be irresponsible to not go see this show… seriously.”

-Cohdi Harrell, queer performance artist/artistic director of Ricochet

“The Naked Empire Bouffons, a foursome of prancing grotesques sport their deformities and filth like badges of (dare I say it?) pride. In Shame! the question of Pride with a capital P is examined, worried, fondled indecently, punched in the head, and left limping down a dark alley… cast members spend some contrarian quality time with each member of the captive audience before turning on each other with equal parts lust and loathing….the Naked Empire ensemble makes sure to hold everyone complicit in the ultimate humiliation of sitting idly by in the face of suffering.”

-Nicole Gluckstern, SF BAY GUARDIAN

“The interactive, community efforts of these actors and their creators deliver a fast-paced, clever show. Many good lines, often accompanied by appropriate comic lazzi… This show could stand more than one viewing.”

-Albert Goodwyn, SF BAY TIMES